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Windows Port of GDL

------------------ 2012/Sep/18 Added ----------------

Here is an organized version of the patches I did.

After decompressing the file you will get 3 patches.

The 1st patch includes the prefix patch of GDL typecodes, and the signedness patch for the 'omp for' statements.
(And in the last patch I uploaded, the signedness patch didn't work as I intended. It was corrected in this patch.)

The 2nd patch includes actual patches to make it compilable in windows.

The 3rd patch is for a premature plotting support. It needs more testing.

The patches should be applied 1->2->3 in sequence.

This is a windows port of GDL, based on the SVN version.

You can apply this patch on the gdl directory after download the GDL source code from SVN.

You need following packages to compile:

fftw -
gsl -
pcre -
pdcurses -
readline -
zlib -
xdr -

and plplot, wxWidgets, etc.

Tested on Visual Studio 2010, with following build options :

cmake.exe ..\gdl -G "Visual Studio 10" -DCURSES_LIBRARY=..\pdcurses\lib\curses.lib -DCURSES_INCLUDE_PATH=..\pdcurses\include -DREADLINEDIR=..\readline -DZLIBDIR=..\zlib -DGSLDIR=..\gsl -DPCRE_LIBRARY=..\pcre\lib\pcre.lib -DPCRE_INCLUDE_DIR=..\pcre\include -DPLPLOTDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\plplot" -DWXWIDGETSDIR=C:\wxWidgets-2.8.12 -DWXWIDGETSDIR="C:\wxWidgets-2.8.12" -DXDR_LIBRARY=..\xdr\lib\xdr.lib -DXDR_INCLUDE_DIR=..\xdr\include -DMAGICK=OFF -DNETCDF=OFF -DHDF=OFF -DHDF5=OFF -DFFTW=OFF -DPYTHON=OFF -DPSLIB=OFF -DX11=OFF -DOPENMP=OFF


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