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HOWTO : Build GDL on Windows

Now the windows port patches are successfully merged to CVS main source tree, you can compile GDL on windows without manually applying the patches.

1. Download latest CVS version of GDL - from here, and decompress it. You will have 'gdl' directory in result. Move the directory wherever you want.

2. Download prerequisite packages. You should download both development(lib file and header files) and binary(dll file) packages.

Some packages don't contain lib file. In this case, you can create one from def file with 'LIB' utility supplied with MSVC. You can also download the packages you need, e.g. FFTW libraries...

3. Decompress the packages. Make directories for them. For each directories, make 'include' and 'lib' subdirectories. Put the package's header files in 'include' directory, and lib file into 'lib' directory.

4. Download PLPlot and WxWidgets. These two packages are source code distributions, should be manually compiled with cmake.

Before compile PLPlot, you should add

__declspec (dllexport) 

in front of


functions in plcvt.c, and


function in plsym.c. You should also modify the header file (plplotP.h) in the same way.

Or you can simply apply this patch - plplot.diff, should work with plplot 5.9.9.

Now you can compile the packages.

5. Build GDL. 

This is my command to build GDL on windows.

cmake ..\gdl -G "Visual Studio 10" -DCURSES_LIBRARY=..\pdcurses\lib\curses.lib -DCURSES_INCLUDE_PATH=..\pdcurses\include -DREADLINEDIR=..\readline -DZLIBDIR=..\zlib -DGSLDIR=..\gsl -DPCRE_LIBRARY=..\pcre\lib\pcre.lib -DPCRE_INCLUDE_DIR=..\pcre\include -DPLPLOTDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\plplot" -DWXWIDGETSDIR=C:\wxWidgets-2.8.12 -DWXWIDGETSDIR="C:\wxWidgets-2.8.12" -DXDR_LIBRARY=..\xdr\lib\xdr.lib -DXDR_INCLUDE_DIR=..\xdr\include -DFFTW_LIBRARY="..\fftw\lib\libfftw3-3.lib" -DFFTWF_LIBRARY="..\fftw\lib\libfftw3f-3.lib" -DFFTW_INCLUDE_DIR="..\fftw\include" -DFFTW=ON -DMAGICK=OFF -DNETCDF=OFF -DHDF=OFF -DHDF5=OFF -DPYTHON=OFF -DPSLIB=OFF -DX11=OFF -DOPENMP=ON

This will generate a Visual Studio solution. You can also set the generator as 'NMake Makefiles', then you can use the 'nmake' command. I manually specified library name for some packages, because cmake couldn't find the packages in default settings.

6. Finally, move the dll files supplied with the libraries into the directory contains the compiled GDL binary. Now, run gdl.exe. It should run properly.


13-09-30, Added tgzipped libraries file for building GDL on Windows.


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